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Let us suppose that you liked a property in Turkey and you wanted purchase so what are the procedures?
Every year the number of the foreigners who are choosing Turkey to make invesment in property and land constantly increasing and the buying procedure is getting easier. As you know even if it is very easy, buying property can be stresfull and tiring but Turquoise Homes will perform all the procedure on be half of you with its Professional staff who speak English, German, Dutch, Danish Norwegian and Russian. When all these are made by Turquoise Homes you can relax during the buying process of your property. Here is some of the necessary information about buying procedure. For detail information please contact us either through email or fax or in person for any additional information.

1. Who can buy?

Most foreign nationals can purchase property in Turkey providing that:

• There is a reciprocal agreement between the government of Turkey and that of the purchaser. This agreement does exist between Turkey and the EU Countries, US, Russia and also with other countries.

• The intended property lies within the boundaries of a municipal area, i.e. town or village with more than 2,000 registered inhabitants.

• The intended property does not lie within the confines of a military zone.

These simple regulations are important. Non-Turkish Nationals, who have attempted to outsmart the system by purchasing homes in prohibited zones in the name of a Turkish acquaintance under the protection of a private notarized agreement, have no chance of recovering their property in the event of a dispute.

2. Property Purchasing Laws and Procedures in Turkey

We will give you the essential but general information regarding the path to ownership of a property in Turkey according to Turkish Laws (article 35 of the Turkish Constitution) and what issues might arise during the process. Different properties are subject to differing laws (depending on location). Because the following is general information only, we encourage you to contact or consult an expert of your own choose. By doing so you can avoid the possibility of making mistakes and suffering disappointment.

3. Turkish Property Legislation

• Ownership is anchored in article 35 of the Turkish Constitution. This article stipulates that anyone is entitled to ownership and that these rights can only be restricted by other legal stipulations. The restrictions may consist, for instance, of zoning schemes, restrictions applicable to foreigners and the like.
• The ownership regulations are elaborated in the Turkish Civil Code, article 633. This mainly explains how ownership is acquired.
• For the purchase of property by a foreign person, the registration of the land is especially important. In Turkey there are regional directorates of the Land Registry Department, which are subdivided in provincial or district offices and they are all controlled by the state.

4. Property Registration and Delivery

In contrast to most European countries, the formal entry in the property register in Turkey is not performed by a public notary, but by an official of the Property Registry Department. It is a legal requirement for both sides (the seller and the buyer) to be present at the entry. However, It is possible to authorize another person to stand as your proxy. As a security measure, it is also advisable to authorize the sale through an official notary.

• The delivery of the deed of transfer does not require the intervention of a public notary in Turkey. The only applicable stipulation concerning the delivery is that it takes place in writing. After the entry and delivery the property register issues a proof of ownership or property deed which is called ‘Tapu’.

• Ownership is only obtained at the moment that the building(s), if under construction, has been completed and the full amount has been paid.

• Mainly there are no legal restrictions against Non-Turkish Nationals regarding the acquisition of property ownership. However, the Village Act and the Military Prohibited and Security Areas play an important role; Article 87 of the Village Act denies the right to foreigners to ownership of property that is outside the center of a village in case the area has not been available for purchase or it may belong to the Ministry of Forest. Also, the act regarding Military Prohibited and Security Areas can be an impediment and therefore restrict the acquisition of property by foreigners if the property is located within a particular distance of military sites or strategically important areas.

The major legal restrictions mentioned above may in turn change or even be (partly) cancelled by more recent legislation which is closely related to the promotion of the economic position of Turkey or the adjustment of regulations and laws to EU or tourism promotions for foreigners.

5. Negotiating the Purchase

Having selected your ideal property, you will want to be absolutely certain of the legalities of the process and particularly your rights in a foreign country.
This is where Turquoise Homes can and will ensure that impartial and expert assistance is given in guiding you through every step.
• Once the deal has been agreed upon a contract, between you and Turquoise Homes, confirming the price and dates of transfer.
• We would require from you two passport sized photographs of the person or persons whose name will be on the property deed (the tapu), plus a photocopy of your passport.(Tapu (Title Deed) Sample is given below)
• We will then go to the tapu Office(Land Registry Office) to make the official tapu application. At this point your deposit is paid to the seller and the tapu is sent off to the City Council, who in turn sends it to the Army Office in Izmir. (In Turkey, it is necessary to acquire permission from the Army Office before the purchase can be completed. This process can take, an average, 5-8 weeks.)

6. Costs

In addition to the purchase price of your property, you are required to pay the following associated charges. Please note that, the Estate Agency Fee is fixed, all other costs are only an approximate guide and could be less than stated. However, you may find them useful when planning your budget.

- Estate Agency Fee (fixed) : 3% of the Purchase Price
- Legal Notary Office :
- Sworn Translator :
- Photographs :
- Purchase Tax :
- Land Registration (including maps) :
- Earthquake Insurance (compulsory) :Expenses of all requirement cost around 2200 € (changeful depends on location)

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